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Background information:

Mziki Tours was founded from a thirst to bridge the huge musical gap in Kenya, to provide a platform for both Singers and Nonsingers from Finland, Europe, and beyond to travel to Kenya to empower, mentor, share, and create musical experiences with local singers/musicians. Kenya has so many singers with an urge to grow musically. Most of them can only sing but cannot read and write music or play instruments. This limits them from performing at Professional music events/activities. Nakuru city alone hosts about 15,000+ singers. This forms the actual basis of the Mziki Tour’s existence. Our aim during the music workshops is to provide platforms for local singers to enhance their musical knowledge and learn new musical ideas from different cultures while getting exposed. The visiting groups of singers can also experience African music and learn new musical ideas while making local networks. This makes it a Win-Win situation. The process is easily made possible with the wide range of networks we have with local singers.

Upload: 4.12.2023